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Set Up a Blank page template

Using Blank page template is the easiest  way to create homepage with slider only. (without content) To set up blank page template , follow video guide below. Video Guide

Setup favicon

A favicon is the little icon that appears in your browser tab. To set up favicon follow steps below: Step 1: In your WordPress dashboard, click Appearance and then Customize. Step 2: Open “Site Identity” tab  then , open “General” tab. Step 3: In this section Click on “Select image” button, to open media library. Step 4: Choose […]

Full-width / Boxed layouts

To Set Up Full-width / Boxed  layout, follow steps below: Step1 : Open Customizer: Dashboard->Apperance->Customize Step 2: Open “Layout” tab, then open “Layout General ” tab.                                                   Step 3: In Layout […]

Hide page titles

To hide page titles  follow these step-by-step instructions: Step 1:   Step 2: Step 3:   Step 4:   Step 5: