Follow next steps to setup Revolution Slider in Agama Pro Theme:

Step 1:  Go to  ->Dashboard ->Slider Revolution,  and make a new slider, or import slider

There are many tutorials on youtube that show you how to do it.

 Revolution slider Video Guide

There are several ways to set the Revolution Slider.

One way is to set the slider using visual composer, as shown in the video above,

or you can apply the method that will be explained in step 2.

Step 2: 

  • Go to the page where you want it to appear,  (Dashboard ->Pages ).
  • Select the desired page .
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the Agama Options menu.
  • Enable slider on “Enable slider”  drop-down menu.
  • In “Select Slider” drop-down menu,choose Revolution slider.
  • Go to “Revolution Slider “drop-down menu  and select a previously created slider  in Step 1.
  • Click on  “Update” button to save changes.

Congratulations!  your Revolution Slider will appear at the top of the selected page .

Video Guide